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V4U MEDIA [ Fri, Jan 24, 2020 ]

Review By :- V4U Media
Release Date :- 24/01/2020
Movie Run Time :- 2.1 Hrs
Censor certificate :- U/A
Production :- Pallatte Kokkatt Film House
Director :- Sai Rajkumar
Music Director :- Vinod Yajamaanyaa
Cast :- Cheran, Irfan, Srushti Dange , Sarayu Mohan ( Wife ) , Nandana Verma ( Daughter )

Cheran's wife applied divorce that she was not ready to live with him because cheran has a disease, sleep disorder. if it comes cheran ll sleep lik a abnormal person for hours & days. But cheran is not interested to give divorce because he wants to spent time with her daughter. court allows her daughter to stay with cheran fr one day per month. once she finish her school studies she planning to go abroad for higher studies, cheran accepting that she can go abroad & i m ready to go give divorce fr my wife but before going abroad he demanding that her daughter wants to stay with me fr 10 days. Cheran & her daughter was enjoying the 10 days leave & cheran want to drop her daughter on 11th day mrng 8 am. a cat & mouse game happening between cheran & irfan on the 10th day night & whether he drops her on airport at correct time s the balance story

Vinod yajamaanya music dir - The movie has one song kadavule kadavule which shows the beautiful relationship between cheran & her daughter. BGM scores a big part in the movie.

Ms prabhu DOP as always he did his part well ! Prem kumar cs editor s crisp. danger mani fights was quite good at climax 

Sarayu mohan (wife) , c(daughter) both played their part well & srushti dange impressed us in the climax .. villain irfan does justice to his role

Dir sai rajkumar delivers a emotional thriller with a social message. 

V4U MEDIA Rating: 3

Awards Recommended

Cheran - Best Actor

1 Votes

Sai Rajkumar - Best Screenplay

1 Votes

nandana varma - Best Debut Actress

1 Votes

irfan - Best Villan

1 Votes

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